it comes down to our brains. Our thinking, the ways we function, that’s what makes humanity as great as it is.

Online Casino – A Monster UnderCover!

Humanity has made leaps and bounds since the beginning of the Age of Man. Once descended from apes, we now are on the cusp of the technological age. We are at the point where we can simulate a robot into mimicking and predicting all our behavioural patterns. We have our scientists, creators, geniuses who work day and night to make this reality happen. But at the end of it all, it comes down to our brains. Our thinking, the ways we function, that’s what makes humanity as great as it is.

A Monster UnderCover!

When we gamble at an online casino and win, our brain’s reward system gets triggered, releasing a rush of endorphins into our body, making us feel joy and elation. Soon, everything we do in our lives feels drab and un enjoyable compared to gambling. The thrill gained from the risk and the fleeting endorphin rush on winning keep us hooked to these preying systems.

The nature of gambling and gamblers!

Due to its elusive nature and highly addicting properties, gambling, in general, is considered pretty illegal. The Indian Government rules gambling illegal in 1867, due to its outcome being related to corruption and money-laundering. However, many argue that gambling brings in a lot to the state revenue. While gambling on land in India is illegal, a lot of casinos operate offshore in the sea. These casinos now majorly operate in Goa, Daman and Sikkim and have contributed as much as 135.5 crores to state revenue in the year 2018.

Online casino works in somewhat the same way. There are fleeting websites which offer large prizes, in bitcoin or otherwise, imploring you to try your hand. Most websites likebet365 and dream11 offer rummy, blackjack, poker and sports betting as available avenues of gambling. While this is illegal, most gambling websites are based in countries like America, parts of the EU and Canada. Gambling is legal in these countries and they are also out of Indian jurisdiction. Hence, they do not fall under the purview of the judicial system and are technically legal.

The final face of gambling!

It is the 21st century and gambling still exists in the world and is widely practised in a lot of countries. The advent of the internet has even made it easier for this business to thrive. But we must realise that not only is gambling, but it also has the ability to decimate a life. People give up their life savings, on stupid bets that can never be won. Luck favours the ones who work, and being self-aware citizens of our respective nations, it would do us well, to remember that.